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Salerno Harbor

The outside seawall protecting the east-facing entrance to the commercial port of Salerno is 350 metres long, the East Quay is 1,550 metres long and the West Quay, protecting southwest side port, is 1,180 metres long.

The commercial area goes from the border with municipal district of Vietri sul Mare (SA) up to the root of 3 Gennaio Pier.

The commercial port is expanding on the following quays and docks:

  Superficie banchina
complessiva (mq)
Superficie piazzali
stoccaggio (mq)
ormeggi (mt.)
d'ormeggio (nr.)
Molo di Ponente 58.000 31.000 563 22-24
Banchina Rossa 51.000 37.000 226 20-21
Molo Trapezio 187.000 133.000 890 13-19
Banchina Ligea 54.000 34.000 250 11-12
Molo 3 Gennaio 39.000 13.000 446 7-10

The Manfredi Pier, 380 metres long, stretches outside the commercial area to the east side of the port of Salerno and comprises berths No. 1-3.

Cruise sector is going through a phase of rapid growth and it will receive a strong boost with the fulfilment of Stazione Marittima projected by the architect Zaha Hadid. In this way, the whole quay of the Manfredi Pier will be used as cruise ship reception and the port of Salerno will join the most important Mediterranean cruise port network.

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